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Manufacturing Execution and Intelligence

 We help you to build your own machine-to-machine communication between enterprise system, manufacturing execution system and machines in order to dynamically optimize the production process without human intervention. You will be able to collect product design and production data via IoT till production stage, shared via enterprise system. Improve your design, production and testing processes based on complete production vs design data.

You want to allocate outsourced manufacturing orders to network partners with full visibility of customer requirements and available partner capacity. We help you to have full visibility and orchestration control for the outsourced manufacturing orders and to control quality for them using digital tools.

Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling

We help you to prepare an optimized and detailed production plan that considers all demand and constraints. We will guide you to choose an integrated system for infinite and finite planning that uses manufacturing performance data to optimize in real-time. You will be able to continously improve the production planning process based on modeling of detailed manufacturing performance data that you harves

We help you to analyze your manufacturing performance to compete as well as collaborate to improve them. You will be able to  analyze manufacturing process data and find trends of variances, communicate it across the enterprise and prioritize manufacturing issues based on data-driven frameworks.

Quality Management

We help you to build collaborative process to define, predict issues and improve quality across all stages of the product You will be able to define quality from a customer perspective with informed decision-making based on current and anticipated needs

 Digital Operations

We help you to build a disruptive business model including emerging technologies for digital operations.  It is time to reduce your costs as well as improve quality, customer loyalty and revenue with your new digital capabilities. You will be able to deepen your knowledge about Industry 4.0 initiatives, new business models and emerging technologies. 

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