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Warehouse Management

We help you to optimize operations planning and execution. Your goal is to have no human intervention, with all vehicles and machines connected to each other and with central Warehouse Management system. We help you to improve your processes and embed required technologies to build your fully automated WM system with embedded Material Flow controls. Seamless and direct integration to PLC for Automatic Storage and Retrieval (AR/ AS) using cranes, automated guided vehicles, lifts, conveyors, robots etc.

Your organization need to have an integrated sales, inventory and operations planning process to align its strategic, financial, sales and operational goals. You will be able to to generate real-time insights/metrics for quick trade-off analysis as part of S&OP process. We help you to define organization specific S&OP processes and help you to tightly integrate transactional and planning systems to perform S&OP.

We help you to design single TM system that is integrated with order management in order to have all transportation demand integrated with order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes in real-time. You will be able to have advanced freight planning and optimization capabilities e.g. visual load planning, pallet building, dynamic replanning based on real-time location information, extensive rules and constraints. You will also build real-time integration to WM systems to track and monitor the shipments from loading through delivery, with features such as map-based geographical tracking, alerts and a reporting dashboard. 

We help you to develop short, mid and long-term view of the expected demand and create an optimized demand plan. You will be able to have visibility into customer demand coming from multiple channels and can provide the same service across all channels and also will be able to have a strong personalization strategy to cater to individual needs of the customers and fulfill this demand profitably

Logistics Network Optimization

We help you to track assets in transit and manage exceptions by responding to logistics insights in order to complete visibility in to supply chain logistics for yards and hub operations. You will be able to have automated, optimized yard activity generation, respecting different constraints. You can set your goal to have IoT infrastructures to monitor and visualize assets in real time, routing of vehicles through the yard and control of automated guided vehicles. Machine Learning based recognition and identification of transports. Yard visualization and powerful reporting tools are available for real-time insights.

You want to commit your orders in real time and to it by considering customer prioritization, alternatives and constraints. We help you to build your deployment strategies for stock deployment across the supply chain and setup new digital capabilities to collaborate on business decisions and share insights across business networks (suppliers, contract manufacturers etc.)

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