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You want to set your procurement organization into  trusted business advisor and the function's goals and initiatives are aligned with the organization's business goals and long-term plans. We help you to shift your leadership as a key decision maker across the organization and become responsible for driving key board-level decisions. Let's define your new operating plan and execute.

Supplier Management

We help you to build long-term supplier relationships based on mutually beneficial goal setting, resource commitments and strategic planning and help you to executive presence in key decision making initiatives to influence and suggest improvement areas for both supplier and buyer organization. You will also be able to embed new technologies such as prescriptive supplier risk monitoring system with capabilities like cognitive risk scoring model, risk level based segmentation as well as real-time alert system for suppliers providing actionable insights for  contextual, and accurate business decisions

You want to improve your sourcing capabilities to initiate sourcing events (based on contract meta data) and recommend type, duration and details (no. of suppliers involved) based on category, commodity involved, etc. We help you to define integrated sourcing process across the organization with advanced sourcing capabilities utilizing various tools, data and input from various sources (indices, supplier feedback, spend analysis, social media, etc.) and recommend  advance sourcing tools that can cope with your approach.  

We help you to define metrics and KPI's that is measurable value to tracks all relevant aspects of obtaining or buying goods and services to meet corporate objectives. We help you to improve your existing tools but also recommend  you new technologies to execute your operating plans and measure your KPI's. You will be able to embed advance technologies like predictive analytics etc. in order to track materials and supplier practices, predict supply violation/disruption in advance and prescribes appropriate corrective measures.

You want to transform your processes and leverage a tool in order to utilizes real-time data to automatically generate dashboards and heat-maps at category, business unit, supplier level etc. recommending and driving autonomous sourcing opportunities that prompts alerts to supplier/category managers for action. We help you to conduct effective spend analysis to report on spend and identify sourcing opportunities by designing new processes with new technologies.

Supply Chain Collaboration

We help you to have ability to collaborate, coordinate business decisions and share insights across business networks on a daily basis - with suppliers, contracted manufacturers, logistic service providers, and other partners through various network solutions. You will be able to execute demand driven planning, generate replenishment orders based on actual demand rather than the forecast. Buffers can be adjusted dynamically based on actual lead times and actual and projected demand.

Innovation-driven procurement

We help you to transform and act as a strategic advisor and collaborator between R&D and suppliers, provides advanced platforms like supplier virtual rooms, digital collaboration platform etc. for knowledge and expertise sharing with strategic as well as tactical suppliers. You will be able to integrate market information and industry benchmarks for advanced competitor and peer analysis. 

Operational Procurement

We help you to define Procure-to-pay process with clear RACI model and  standardize your processes on global level with localization. Yo will be able to execute your operations through the usage of the right technology and organization structure and will be able to support the corporate goals & objectives and is aligned with the broader enterprise-level strategy. 

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