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SAP Solutions Premium Services

We help you at each life cycle of your SAP Solution investments with strategic thinking, business know-how, + 25 years SAP experiences and technological skills. You will be able to increase efficiency and minimize risks with our approach beyond and above technology, people, processes and data.

Call us for more Premium Services;

  • SAP Operations Review and Design

  • Enterprise Architecture Review / Planning

  • Implementation Design Assessment

  • Value Assessment and Advisory

  • Readiness and Health Checks

  •  Advisory Services on Transformation Route of SAP Products

  • Quality Assurance and Safeguarding

  • Program and Project Management​

Industrial Technology Management

We help you to develop and implement tailored digital manufacturing strategies. You will be able to broaden practical knowledge about digital technologies, related use cases and implement those technologies that will be transforming your industrial production.

You will be able to deepen your knowledge about Autonomous Robots, Industrial Internet of Things, Cybersecurity in Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Bid Data Analytics, Digital Twins, Data and Application Integrations and other industrial technologies that would fit with your requirements.

We help you to develop your digital supply chain, considering each end to end scenarios starting from procurement, production planning until up to sales.

Transform IT into high-performing organization that brings value to business.

We help you to shift your focus from cost to value and bring you new engagement models, strategic plans and key metrics to cope with approach.

You will be able to improve your service value chain and implement new innovative delivery models in order to bring added value to business and demonstrate their true contribution.

Enterprise Technology and Data Management

Let su help you to harness potential of emerging technologies as well as improve your data and technology platforms.We help you to define and develop your technology and data enablers.

We help you to develop multidirectional and multidimensional open digital platform ecosystem of vendors, people and services to unlock new business models and revenue streams through technology. You will be able to improve and/or modernize your entire technology stack to become technology enabler.

We also help you scale AI-driven initiatives and develop your data platform. We help you to develop emerging technologies transforming your business. You will be able to seize opportunities in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Advanced Robotics, Artificial Intelligence. 

Digital Organization Management

Human Connection is the key success factor in your digital transformation journey. We help you to harness great potential of human enablers in your organizations as well as unleash real power. 

We help you develop your employee journey maps and leverage predictive HR and people analytics to forecast workforce needs, identify capabilities gaps, and develop strategies to build the workforce of the future.

You will be able to define critical challenges and focus on critical capabilities  to be built in your organization while improving efficiency and simplification. We help you to implement new ways of working while upskilling and reskilling digital talent to meet demands and become digital organization.

Technology Cost Management

We help you to prove that IT decisions are strategically aligned with the business needs and the business understands the full lifecycle costs and benefits of your existing and planned IT solutions.

Let us assess and improve your TVO and TCO for your operations, projects and landscape cost.

We help you to execute value management, IT complexity management, operation excellense, service management excellence, technology adoption excellence, organization and sourcing excellence. You will take control of IT Financial and Value Management practises.

We help you to gain access to best-in-class capabilities for all activities in a firm’s value chain to ensure long-term competitive advantage.

New skills that are required for disruptive technologies, new cybersecurity requirements, technologies that are served as a services or platforms are changing traditional sourcing approaches.  

We help you developing the sourcing strategy, partner selection, transition and ongoing governance to turning around or renegotiating under-performing outsourcing relationships. We help you to execute supplier evaluation based on actual performance and on structured contracts defining critical service-level agreements, terms and conditions to drive ownership and outcomes. You will be able to improve supplier relations and leverage win–win commercials arrangements with suppliers.

Your technology strategy should be a logical extension of your business strategy. Let us build your strategic intent, formulate and implement your strategy according to your visions and execute them with you.

You will be able to continuously engage with business on digital strategy to become true architects of innovation and technology led value creation. We help you to assess your digital ambition and maturity. You will be able to build digital enablers, set your initiatives and prioritize use cases, align with business strategy. We help you developing a unified strategy to align digital initiatives across divisions and functions.

Your operating model is how you create value for your organization.

We assess your business model, capabilities, strategies, your people, your process and your technology and deliver you your operating target model.

We help you to improve your operation speed and effectiveness as well as organizational efficiency through optimize talents and processes. Call us for improvement requirements for your IT enterprise or even for specific IT divisions (eg. SAP Operations) that need to be designed and operate according specific practices. 

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