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We help you to improve your processes and choose right technologies that will identify sales leads and builds a customized online persona that automatically contacts, engages, nurtures, qualifies, and follows up with key contacts. You will be able to use of dashboards to check which deals are moving, teamwide responsibility, insights to shorten sales cycle and deliver ongoing feedback to sales reps to improve their performance as well as will be able to use sales analysis tools to discover trends, compare results, and estimate future performance. We help our clients to leverage compliance capabilities (e.g. GDPR, KVKK) regarding opt-in/opt-out functions.

We help you to design and implement a unified system to track customer data and derive customer insights in real-time; predictive insights and decisions facilitate unique customer experience. You will also be able to automate custom sales pipeline reports along with standard reports in real time, with drill down functionality and numerous visualizations available based on the type of report

Sales Planning and Monitoring

We help you to design and implement best technologies though a unified system to estimate future performance through sales analysis in real-time and leverages what-if analysis to identify key deals to focus on to meet sales targets.

You will be able to gain full visibility into revenue trends and variances at various levels (such as region/product/SKU) in real-time, accessible anywhere, anytime on any device.

You will gain advantage by using advanced forecasting algorithms to generate flexible forecasts and leverages analytics to manage forecast against actual sales in real time.

Billing and Payment Management

You want to provide transparency in validating and processing rebate agreements with a clear trail of rebate accruals and settlement activity

We help you to use advanced analytics to predict and raise red flags for any issues with rebate settlements. We also help you to design and implement a unified system that provides a single real-time view of customers account/ payment status accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.

Contract and Order Management

We help you to gain ability to support the whole order process – from getting orders into the system, to enabling payment, to sending out customer notifications, to final delivery and returns management; with a single view of the inventory in real time. You will be able to leverage guided selling and real-time inventory management across all stock locations (including third party), enabling mapping of inventory status, order status, and threshold value to prevent overselling/ overstocking and reduce sales cycle time; uses business tools to create and manage flexible available to promise formula, monitor sales contracts throughout the lifecycle, from contract quote to closing or renewal and enable sales teams to react quickly to contracted shortfall and contract renewals.

You want to digitize marketing strategy & operations. We help you to design and improve you’re your key processes such as customer data management, segmentation, loyalty management, customer intelligence, marketing insights, campaign management, branding and advertising.

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